10 ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Global Concert In Busan In October 2022 That Say It All

BTS are keeping ARMYs well-fed!

As ambassadors for Busan’s World Expo in 2030, BTS will be holding a global concert in Busan. It has recently been announced that the concert will take place in October, and now fans are celebrating news of more OT7 activities.


After BTS was announced to be taking a temporary break from group activities, false rumors forced the members to come forward and clarify that they have no intention of disbanding. With new group activities scheduled for later in the year, ARMYs are now particularly excited to see all the members together again, as well as happy for all the things BTS have been doing for them.

Here are 10 ARMY reactions to BTS’s global concert in Busan in October that say it all!


1. Ready for it

2. Wait, I’m broke

3. Every day is Christmas with BTS

4. This will be a special moment for Jimin

5. Meanwhile for BTS…

6. You know it

7. What break though?

8. ARMYs everywhere

9. Make way for the prince

10. BTS is keeping ARMYs well-fed