10+ ATINY Reactions To ATEEZ’s Cryptic Comeback Teaser That Are Too Relatable

“I just wanted to be a normal K-Pop fan and here I am…”

ATEEZ gave a special stage of their song “Utopia” on SBS‘s The Show to celebrate its 300th episode. But while ATINYs can always expect superior performances from the members (which they delivered!), they were not prepared for the sudden drop of the group’s comeback teaser…right into their phones.

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Earlier this year, fans saw posters put up all over the world with a QR code that seemingly led to a comeback teaser. Since ATTEZ’s official social media did not make a formal comeback announcement, ATINYs couldn’t be entirely sure about the nature of the comeback. But on June 28, ATEEZ mysteriously airdropped the QR code into ATINYs’ phones while at The Show, and they soon realized it led to ATEEZ’s first teaser for their July comeback, PROPAGANDA.

The QR code was briefly posted on ATEEZ’s social media, but it was soon taken down, increasing the air of mystery surrounding PROPAGANDA.

The secretive way in which ATEEZ is communicating news about their next comeback has ATINYs highly excited…and full of theories! Here are 10+ relatable ATINY reactions to ATEEZ’s PROPAGANDA teaser!


1. ATINYs after watching the teaser

2. No one is doing it like them

3. This is a statement

4. The members must be enjoying the chaos

5. ATEEZ have their own summer vibe

6. Being an ATINY is a full-time job

7. Did the other idols at The Show also get airdropped the QR code?

8. The clues just keep coming

9. ATEEZ are converting us all into something else

10. The only acceptable marketing ever

11. Is this officially the return of Halateez?

12. No more need be said