10 Best Moments When BTS’s Suga Proved To Everyone That He’s Effortlessly Hot, Even When He’s Just Going To The Airport

Yes, #1 is incredibly attractive — but wait till you get your eyes on #7. Oh, my, my, my, indeed!

The interesting thing to note about worldwide superstar group BTS is that even if the group is well-known to be highly fashionable, the members still make sure to let their individual personalities shine in the way they dress themselves.

J-Hope‘s fashion style is cool and colorful, representing his innate duality.

And Jungkook‘s airport fashion is simply casual, which is such a Jungkook thing to do.

How about Suga, though? Well, Suga’s fashion is definitely him — effortless, because according to him, he doesn’t have a lot of energy, but it’s still gorgeous.

Here are ten outstanding photos of Suga looking like he just came straight from a magazine cover, even when he’s just going to the airport. Enjoy!

1. Smooth and sleek like satin — both his skin and the fabric of his outfit

2. Like hair color, like colored top

3. No, it’s not a young CEO on his way to a business conference: it’s Suga

4. Winter airport fashion is such a dream because of the long coats

5. Suga’s favorite accessories: his travel bag and a tumbler filled with his drink of choice, coffee

6. Whenever people say Suga looks intimidating, show them this photo

7. How did Suga transform an otherwise plain black outfit? By wearing a leather blazer, of course

8. He’s the spirit animal of every ARMY — get it?

9. A wool coat for the cold weather — practical but also stylish

10. This look is enough to warm the hearts of ARMYs worldwide

Now, Suga has made you ugly cry because of how good he looks like, but did you know that he also confessed to crying in the past because he was scared of what the future will be like for BTS? Check out the article below for the full scoop!

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