10 Confessions By BLINKs That’ll Make You Scream Into Your Pillow

Are you on the same page as these BLINKs or do you feel differently?

BLACKPINK fans are by far, arguably one of the most supportive fandoms. They support their girls unconditionally and hype them up for each and every project, no matter how big or small. (Thankfully, after a long wait for BLINKs, BLACKPINK will be having a comeback this summer!)

As with any other K-Pop fan, BLINKs have feelings and opinions that need to be heard, and, sometimes, the safest place to do that is on an anonymous confession blog. Below are 10 confessions by BLACKPINK fans who are sharing all their feels… anonymously.

1. The mixed feelings of a conflicted BLINK.


2. This BLINK ponders on whether YG consider BLACKPINK a failure.


3. This BLINK wonders, why debut a group if you’re not going to put the energy into them?


4. An understandably angry BLINK feels like BLACKPINK is being thrown away.


5. BLINKs want a comeback and solo albums!


6. This BLINK is worried about BLACKPINK’s longevity.


7. Concerned BLINK worries about the fanbase shrinking.


8. Blackjacks and BLINKs should unite instead of fight.


9. BLINKs really want more music.


10. This BLINK doesn’t like the shipping that happens between BLACKPINK and BTS.


Are you a BLINK? Do you agree with what your fellow fans had to say, or are you on a completely different page?