6 K-Pop Confessions From Fans That Will Leave You Shook To Your Core

What do you think of these confessions?

K-Pop fans have a lot of feelings and opinions and understandably so.  Sometimes, what they have to say is unpopular, but there are times when what they feel needs to be heard.

Below are 6 anonymous confessions from K-Pop fans:

1. Fans feeling sorry for other fans.


2. If a group changes all their members, are they the same group?


3. Sales = Better than streams?


4. Credit, where credit is due, is important.


5. Not all idols are cut from the same cloth.


6. If only previous generations of K-Pop were hyped as much as the current one.


What do you think of these confessions? Bear in mind that these fans submitted their confessions anonymously, and the fan page isn’t responsible for what others feel — they’re simply providing a safe space for everyone to be heard.