The “Unpopular” K-Pop Opinion That All New-Gen Fans Need To Hear

Are they wrong, though?

If you’re deep into the K-Pop fandom, you can definitely relate to this “unpopular” opinion. If you’re a new fan, however, you are blessed to be living in an era in which companies provide content with overseas fans in mind. (That being said, if you are a new-gen fan, you must check out these 10 old but gold songs!)

First-gen girl group S.E.S

A longtime TVXQ fan shared an anonymous “unpopular opinion” to the Tumblr page unpopularkpop-opinions that will have all first and second-gen fans nodding in agreement.

Fans who got into Kpop during the 3rd gen don’t even realize how incredibly accessible Kpop has become. 15-20 years ago we didn’t have all these content. Heck, back then it was very difficult to find English translations of anything so unless you knew Korean, had a Korean friend who could translate for you or give you the low down on what was going on, or spoke Mandarin, Japanese, or any of the SEA languages that the majority of international subs were in at the time (I remember there were more Vietsubs than Eng subs back then), you were pretty much lost in the dark. IIRC, international Casseiopoeias even went and learned the Korean language just so they could help translate TVXQ’s content for English-speaking fans. SoshiSubs was also the only other subbing team back then, too. Now you have official English subtitles provided by companies like 1theK themselves.

—Submission to unpopularkpop-opinions

Source: unpopularkpop-opinions/Tumblr

While there are still companies, like Big Hit Entertainment, who only recently began adding subtitles to content for international fans after ARMYs trended the hashtag #BigHitAddSubs, most Korean entertainment content is provided subtitles through official channels.

How does this “unpopular” opinion make you feel? It doesn’t seem like the submitter was trying to sow discord among the different generations of fans — just sharing a thought that serves as a gentle reminder of how fortunate we all are that K-Pop has spread so far and receives so much love worldwide nowadays thanks to diehard fans!

Source: Tumblr