10+ Emotional Tweets From Fans About PENTAGON’s Yanan Finally Returning From Two-Year Hiatus

Fans are equal parts emotional and equal parts hyped!

PENTAGON‘s Yanan had announced his hiatus from the group in 2018, but now, he may be coming back soon!

CUBE Entertainment uploaded a video titled I’ve Been Keeping An Eye On You, which shows Yanan walking into a set, and then turns to face him as he looks directly into the camera.

As Yanan had announced his hiatus almost 2 years ago and was active in China as an actor in the drama Use For My Talent, fans are super excited about his expected return, which comes a few hours after PENTAGON announced their October comeback!

Here are 10+ emotional tweets that show how much Universes missed Yanan, and how hyped they are to see him with the group again!

1. Fans are so HYPED!


2. The king is back!


3. The excitement is real!


4. They’re so happy he’s back!


5. OT8 comeback!


6. Hard to believe, but he’s back!


7. Now fans will be able to see him again!


8. “Yanan is back”


9. All the doubts have finally been put to rest!


10. *Screams in pure joy*


11. Visual king is here for our throats!


12. He’s here to stay!


13. Only the best for the king!




15. Are you feeling the hype yet?


Watch Yanan’s return video here!