PENTAGON’s Yanan Is Making His Return From Hiatus And Will Star In Upcoming Chinese Drama

Yanan is currently filming for the drama:

PENTAGON‘s Yanan will be starring in an upcoming Chinese drama as he makes his return from hiatus!

It’s been almost a year since Yanan went on hiatus in July 2019 due to health reasons, but on June 3 fans received the amazing news that Yanan was making his return in the Chinese drama, Use For My Talent (working title).

After initial reports were made about Yanan’s upcoming role in the Chinese adaptation of the Korean drama Clean With Your Passion For Now, Cube Entertainment confirmed the news stating, “Yanan is currently in China and is focusing on the drama filming.”

Yanan will be starring alongside Jasper Liu and Shen Yue for the new project and will reportedly be playing the role of the younger brother Shi Jun Jie. On May 30, Yanan also shared his excitement with fans through Weibo reposting the drama’s Weibo post and writing, “Thank you for waiting for me. Hello, this is rookie actor Yanan.”

Use For My Talent, meanwhile, is expected to air in 2021.

Source: Newsen