Here Are 10 of EXO Baekhyun’s Favorite Items Around The House… As Revealed By His LYSN Star Chat Session

From his shampoo to his dishwashing soap to his air fryer…

On June 6, 2020, EXO‘s Baekhyun graced the SM Entertainment fan app LYSN and blew up EXO-L phones with a hour-long “Star Chatting” session. During this blessed time — when wildly excited fans began asking him about his humble abode — Baekhyun made the effort to snap and share pictures of his favorite items around the house. Here are 10 as revealed in this mini-house tour, held online by none but Baekhyun himself.

1. This Vinegar

Baekhyun ordered this bottle of Ottogi vinegar on the left to wash his apples…

“This huge thing shipped. I thought I ordered a small one…”

… though he was surprised by the size that shipped!

2. This Bag of Sweet Potatoes

EXO-Ls are well-aware of Baekhyun’s love for sweet potatoes — though he can only handle one at a time. This bag should last him a week!

3. This Air Fryer

Here’s a good look at Baekhyun’s prized kitchen appliance: The DDO Lab air fryer!

4. This Shampoo

When an EXO-L wanted to know how many times he pumps his shampoo, Baekhyun shared that he uses this NATURALTECH brand’s rebalancing shampoo…

“I pump three times. Not full pumps, but quick pumps. Like chop-chop-chop, you know?”

… and, according to Baekhyun, he pumps three times. Not long, but brisk three pumps.

5. This Soap

Does Baekhyun use body wash? The answer is no.

“Body wash? I use a soap.”

He said, “I use a soap.” Here’s that mirrN brand’s pure soap!

6. This Toothbrush

What does it take to have Baekhyun’s pearly whites?

Well, he revealed his COOL SSHA 7D premium electric toothbrush that does the trick — gold in color, befitting his king status.

7. This Laundry Detergent

Baekhyun uses Persil laundry detergent to wash his clothes, combined with Downy’s fabric softener for extra fluff.

He commented as he shared this picture, “Are we all going to smell the same at the concerts now?” Yes, Baekhyun. Yes, we are.

8. This Dishwashing Gloves

“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s seriously a radish.”

He also showed off this radish-looking gloves that he wears…

9. This Dishwashing Soap

… when washing the dishes with this Pril brand dishwashing soap!

10. This Snack

“Oh and I’m really into these right now. Let me show you.”

Finally, Baekhyun wrapped up the overshare frenzy with his favorite snack at the moment…

… which is this Pulmuone brand’s frozen mozzarella corn dogs! Perfect to heat up in his air fryer, yum!

Source: THEQOO and Instiz