10 Extremely Cute Moments Of BTS’s Jungkook Eating And Enjoying His Food To Make You Hungry AF Today

#8 is like when you’re innocently eating and your mother decides to scold you, too.

K-Pop celebrities are humans who enjoy eating, too. Take BTS‘s Jungkook as an example: whenever he’s filmed while eating, you can see from the way he eats how much he loves food.

After all, he included delicious food as an essential item that he needs to have in his daily life to be happy — and his facial expression whenever he eats really encapsulates the meaning of the word “bliss”.

1. His love for noodles knows no bounds

Everyone in the group wanted to include Jungkook in the conversation, but all Jungkook wanted to do was eat.

2. Chicago pizza challenge

Remember when Jungkook was so surprised with the pizza’s extreme cheesiness?

He chewed and he chewed, but the cheese just wouldn’t stop teasing him!

3. His expression when he eats a good hot-dog sandwich

Since Jungkook customized this for himself, he clearly enjoyed eating this wonderful snack.

4. If this isn’t relatable AF, then, what is?

5. Here you can see a rare Jungkook enjoying a sweet snack

He protecc, he attac, but most importantly, he loves to snacc.

6. He could eat for hours and ARMYs would diligently watch him anyway

7. Such a “manly” way to eat

Everyone was impressed with how manly he looked like, but Jungkook’s main concern was sucking the chicken feet to make sure he can really savor the flavor.

8. Innocently eating

9. Sometimes, all you need is a break

To reward himself for his hard work, Jungkook and fellow BTS members enjoyed ice flakes — he forgot to offer it to RM so RM took it upon himself to ask about his treat’s flavor.

10. He deserves to eat ice cream as his after workout treat

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