Here Are 10 Of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Songs For Your Emo Soul

They’re just what you need for a soothing day.

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon is one of the best vocalists around! A powerful voice jam-packed with an emotive ability uniquely identifiable as her very own, Taeyeon’s made a name for herself as main vocalist of a top girl group, as well as a solo artist. Here are 10 of Taeyeon’s songs that will evoke all kinds of emotions in you, and comfort the emo soul in you!

1) “I”

In 2015, Taeyeon made her solo debut with the mini album I, with a title track of the same name. This soft, pop-rock song contains hopeful lyrics that were written by Taeyeon herself, where she expresses her feelings about “being yourself in a freer way, while moving on from hard and frustrating times”.


2) “Blue”

“Blue” is a B-Side track that was released alongside the pre-release single, “Four Seasons” from the album Purpose. The melancholic lyrics speak about missing someone close to you, and the pain of not being able to be near them anymore.


3)  “11:11”

“11:11” was released as a single in November of 2016. The pop ballad is a song that speaks of the memories of making wishes with your former lover when the clock struck 11:11.


4) “Fine”

“Fine” is the title track of Taeyeon’s first full album, My Voice, released in 2017. Lyrically, the song is about reminiscing about a past relationship.


5) “Dear Me”

“Dear Me” is the title track from the repackaged version of Purpose released in 2020. The lyrics talk about self-love and trust, being kind to yourself and your flaws.


6) “I Do”

“I Do” is a Japanese language single released by Taeyeon in 2019. The song speaks of wanting to be with a loved one, no matter how far away or how difficult it is to meet them.


7) “Starlight” feat. Dean

“Starlight” is a pre-release single of Taeyeon’s 2016 mini album Why. The track features Dean, and lyrically details the joy of being in a relationship, equating your loved one to the soft glow of starlight.


8) “U R”

“U R” is a B-side track from Taeyeon’s debut album I. The song is a soft ballad, with lyrics that speak of finding love again.


9) “Wine”

“Wine” is a B-side from the album Purpose. The song equates a long lasting relationship with the qualities of wine; how even though much time has passed, the relationship only gets better with time.


10) “All About You”

“All About You” is an OST sung by Taeyeon for the drama Hotel Del Luna in 2019. The lyrics speak about how when you’re in love, everything is about your loved one, and you go over everything about them over and over again, memorizing them like a poem.

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