10+ Hilarious Reactions Of ARMYs When BTS Didn’t Appear At The Fact Music Awards Red Carpet

It was rough for them.

The Fact Music Awards took place on October 8, KST, and ARMYs were eagerly waiting to see BTS together after months at the red carpet ceremony. However, as the hour-long segment was drawing to a close, the anchor announced that BTS wasn’t able to make it to the red carpet due to their schedule, prompting some hilarious reactions from fans.

1. Something something equal and opposite reaction

2. A blasphemy in broad daylight

3. The dark side of parasocial relationships

4. Humanity will regret this event

5. Legends have it, the prank is still going

6. Speak Yourself Jimin

7. “Let me down slowly”

8. Please stand up for the purple vets

9. The therapy fee claim queue is on your left and right

10. A Gru-some day

11. Hate will paralyze your mind

12. “Over a red carpet?”


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