10 Hilarious Moments That Prove Jungkook Doesn’t Appreciate BTS Flirting With Each Other

That is unless he is included.

There is a running joke among BTS fans that the group’s maknae Jungkook is not very appreciative of his members being affectionate with one another when he is not included in the scenario. Regardless of which duo might be showing off their dynamic, if Jungkook isn’t one of the two people involved, he is ready to cause chaos.

Sounds too much like fiction? Here are the top 10 moments that prove ARMYs’ theory right:


2. He’s not competitive or whatever.

3. Jealousy is a disease, and Jungkook is patient zero.

4. Imagine being BTS and being upset with BTS for not getting to hear BTS’s unreleased music.

5. The Victoria Justice meme just came alive.

6. Jungkook doesn’t play around with payback.

7. Sometimes, he also takes matters into his own hands.

8. He is just a little guy who loves to feel included.

9. “You got me looking for attention.”

10. Cut the cameras.


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