10+ Idols Who Fans Think Have The Most Unique Voices

They all have such a distinctive vocal tone and color!

Among so many talented idols, some are extremely notable for their raw talent and ability to make songs their own. Here are 10+ idols (in no particular order) who fans believe are extremely notable for their unique voices; a standalone feature that makes them instantly recognizable from the first note itself!


1. SHINee’s Jonghyun


An accomplished and a very versatile vocalist, SHINee Jonghyun‘s vocals were filled with a rich tone and color that fans would immediately be able to identify as his. His voice had a strong musical identity of its own, and his parts in SHINee’s songs would be bursting with his personality!


2. EXID’s Hani


EXID Hani‘s voice is very unique! She can hit high notes and low notes, but each note has a characteristic element that’s immediately identifiable by fans!


3. BOL4’s Ahn Jiyoung


BOL4‘s Ahn Jiyoung is very well-known for her high, yet husky vocals. Its a voice very easily identifiable, even in the large amount of talented vocalists in the industry!


4. (G)I-DLE’S Minnie


When (G)I-DLE first debuted, Minnie introduced herself as “(G)I-DLE’s attractive voice”. And its absolutely true! Minnie has a unique voice that can instantly be recognized as a distinctive trait of all of her group’s songs.


5. NCT’s Haechan


NCT‘s Haechan is part of several subunits within the group (NCT 127 and NCT Dream), and he fills the position of vocalist in each one! He has a high voice that’s incredibly versatile, and is able to adapt easily no matter the concept or tone, with his very own special color!


6. Super Junior’s Yesung


Super Junior‘s Yesung debuted as the main vocalist of Super Junior, and along with having great vocal technique, he also has a low, raspy tone that’s immediately identifiable, even among Super Junior’s many members!


7. Park Bom


Formerly 2NE1‘s main vocalist, Park Bom has been praised for her unique vocals ever since her debut in 2009! Her vocals have always had a very distinct vibrato, which has helped mould all of 2NE1’s songs into their well-defined color!


8. Red Velvet’s Seulgi


Red Velvet‘s Seulgi serves a the group’s lead vocalist, and has been praised for her markedly different vocal color! Depending on the song, her voice can be soft, as well as  powerful, but every note she hits is defined by her unique tone!




BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is an idol who has been well praised for her vocals! Ever since her debut, her vocals have given BLACKPINK the group’s distinctive sound, and has cemented her as one of the most unique vocalists of the 3rd generation!


10. SHINee’s Onew

SHINee’s Onew has a low baritone that’s immediately identifiable in SHINee’s songs! Every line he sings is filled with his unique color, and fans immediately know who’s singing the parts!


11. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon


BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon is an accomplished musician! He can rap and sing, and his voice is high-toned and truly unique in both fields!


12. Red Velvet’s Joy


Red Velvet’s Joy has a sweet, high vocal tone that’s immensely versatile! As with Red Velvet’s ever-changing concepts, her voice suits all of them, and helps define the songs as a Red Velvet trademark!


13. Hyolyn


Former SISTAR member Hyolyn has always been notable for her raspy vocals that still manage to sound like honey. Her vocal technique, combined with her naturally-hoarser voice, creates her signature vocal color that defined SISTAR songs completely!


14. Day6’s Jae


All of Day6 have very unique vocals, and Jae is just one example! He has a smooth, breathy way of singing that has carefully crafted Day6’s musical style well!


15. BLOCK B’s P.O.


Block B‘s maknae P.O. is perhaps their most distinctive singer! He has a loud and extremely evident way of singing, that lends a wilder vibe to all of Block B’s song! His vocals are so distinctive that whenever he makes a mistake during performances, they’re immediately noticed by fans and his members alike!


Which idol has your favorite unique voice?

Source: Reddit