These 10+ Idols Have Some Very Unusual & Adorable Sleep Habits

Sleep-walking? Sleep-clapping?!

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential when you live a busy life of performing. These 11 idols, however, get their rest in some very unusual (and adorable ways). Find out all about their sleep habits here.

1. Jaehyun (NCT)

Jaehyun’s habit is hugging his blanket while he sleeps, which is just way too adorable.

2. Yuju (GFRIEND)

Yuju’s habit is particularly strange: she claps during her sleep. Maybe she’s giving GFRIEND a well-deserved round of applause.

3. Chenle (NCT)

Chenle’s habit is talking in his sleep—specifically talking in his native language, Mandarin.

4. Changbin (Stray Kids)

Changbin’s precious habit is sleeping with his Munchlax Pokémon plushie named Gyu. If it’s not with him in bed, he can’t get to sleep.

5. Jiwon (fromis_9)

Jiwon’s habit is that she always sleeps with her mouth open.

6. Seungsik (VICTON)

Seungsik’s habit is sleepwalking. He once revealed he often gets up from his bed unconsciously and walks around, but he doesn’t remember what happened the next morning.

7. Jiae (Lovelyz)

Jiae also has a habit of sleepwalking, and her fellow members revealed that it’s actually quite serious.

8. B-Bomb (Block B)

It’s normal to move around a lot in your sleep, but B-Bomb’s habit is remaining in exactly the same position from the moment he sleeps to the moment he wakes up.

9. Yoojung (OnlyOneOf)

Yoojung’s habit is raising his arms in his sleep—maybe he’s practicing OnlyOneOf’s choreography in his dreams! He also talks in his sleep and likes to keep his dog plushie in the bed with him.

10. Yesung (Super Junior)

Yesung’s habit is moving constantly. When the group stayed in hotels, he’d often get up and sleep in a new bed every 20 minutes.

11. Gooseul (Girls’ Alert)

Gooseul’s habit is talking in her sleep—pretty fitting for Girls’ Alert’s main rapper.