10 Incorrect Jungkook “Facts” That New BTS Fans Used To Believe 

They were VERY confused.

For new fans, getting to know BTS can be a very confusing process. ARMYs are trending the hashtag #ArmyConfessionTime to share the funniest “facts” they believed about BTS, back when they first started stanning the group. Here are 10 “incorrect” facts about Jungkook!

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1. Jungkook is the leader of BTS

Many new army have thought Jungkook is the leader of BTS because of how popular he is.

Fact: Close, but not quite. He isn’t the group’s leader, but he is the “maknae on top”!

2. He is in the same group as his biological brother, Jin

Fact: They aren’t related, but they do behave like true siblings!

3. His other name is “Maknae”

Fact: “Maknae” is one of Jungkook’s positions in the group. It means “youngest”. Korean men use “hyung”, meaning “older brother”, to refer to their older biological brothers or older male friends.

4. The reason behind his “Golden Maknae” nickname

Fact: Jungkook is called the “Golden Maknae” because he is talented, or “golden”, at many things, including dancing, singing, and rapping.

5. Jungkook, V, and Jin are all the same age

Fact: is two years older than Jungkook, and Jin is five years older, but they could all pass for maknae liners!

6. He is a serious “bad boy” 24/7

Fact: Jungkook performs fiercely on stage, but he shows his much more playful side to fans offstage!

7. Jungkook is an extrovert

Fact: Jungkook is an introvert. His official MBTI type is ISFP, “The Adventurer.”

8. Jungkook and Jin are the same person

Fact: Nope. Just nope.

9. He has a message “just for you”

Fact: This Weverse notification gave us all heart attacks the first time we saw it! All of BTS’s “just for you” moments are actually “just for all 30+ million of you.”

10. This is his “sister”

Fact: Sometimes, fan edits are a little too convincing! Jungkook doesn’t have a sister, but he does have an older brother.


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