10+ K-Pop Idols Who Decided To Take A Break From Their Activities To Focus On Their Mental Health

What Number 1 went through is just sad.

The life of a K-Pop idol can be extremely stressful, especially mentally, as they have to constantly deal with things like malicious comments, sasaeng fans, intense schedules, etc. Throughout the years, more idols have started to take breaks from their activities to focus on their mental health. Here’s a list of some idols who decided to take a break to focus on their mental health.

1. Wooseok (UP10TION)

Wooseok got involved in a fake scandal when some netizens accused him of purposefully touching Jeon Somi‘s chest during a broadcast.

It was soon proven that Wooseok hadn’t touched Somi at all, but some netizens still left malicious comments about him. Wooseok soon went into hiatus due to mental health issues. After 9 months of being away, Wooseok eventually returned to UP10TION, which was exciting news for fans.

2. Joohoney (MONSTA X)

Joohoney had some health concerns at the end of 2019, but he decided to keep going on with his group activities. However, he eventually went on hiatus in 2020 due to anxiety symptoms. After a few months of being away, he returned to MONSTA X, which excited fans.

3. Haseul (LOONA)

In early 2020, it was announced that Haseul would be taking a temporary break from her activities to get treatment for her anxiety disorder. Since that time, fans have been supportive of Haseul and wishing her all the best.

4. Mina (TWICE)

In 2019, it was revealed that Mina was going to take a break from her activities, as she was struggling with extreme anxiety and insecurity. She eventually made her return after a couple of months, and fans were more than excited.

5. S.Coups (SEVENTEEN)

In late 2019, it was revealed that S.Coups would be taking a temporary hiatus due to his anxiety. When he announced his return a couple of months later, fans were thrilled.

6. Jiho (Oh My Girl)

In early 2020, it was revealed that Jiho would be taking a break from her activities due to psychological anxiety. When she made her return a few months later, fans were more than thrilled.

7. Dawon (Cosmic Girls)

In late 2019, Dawon decided to halt all her activities after being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. When Dawon returned in 2020, fans were thrilled.

8. Han (Stray Kids)

Han took a short break from Stray Kids’ activities after he showed some signs of intermittent psychological anxiety, which seemed to get worse when he got close to large groups of people. He soon made his return from his short break, which had fans more than excited.

9. The members of Day6

In 2020, it was announced that Day6 would be putting a halt to all their team activities to focus on their mental health. JYP Entertainment decided to do this as several of the members were diagnosed with symptoms of psychological anxiety, and felt that it would be best for the members to rest. Many praised JYP Entertainment for prioritizing the members’ health over activities.