10+ Moments That Explain Why Everyone Is Obsessed With (G)I-DLE Miyeon’s Nose Bridge

“When looking at her nose from the east or the west, or the north or the south, at all times her nose is the beauty.”

In a recent video with NewsAde, Miyeon’s beautiful nose bridge made such a big impression, even the NewsAde staff had to talk about it. Here are 10+ moments that explain just why everyone is so obsessed with the (G)I-DLE star’s nose visual.

The (G)I-DLE members were asked to share Miyeon moments that made them say “Oh my god!”, but the NewsAde staff couldn’t help but slip in their own comment—a little praise for Miyeon’s beauty.

When looking at [Miyeon’s] nose from the east or the west, or the north or the south, or while doing the forward roll or backward roll, including at all times, her nose is the beauty. Can I ski on top of it?

— NewsAde staff

See her nose perfection for yourself here:

1. The view is pretty but Miyeon’s nose is prettier

2. Her bone structure makes her look expensive AF

3. Even fairies would be jealous of Miyeon’s nose

4. No one should look this good in a candid shot

5. Her nose is perfectly sculpted

6. She looks like a princess

7. How is her nose bridge even real?

8. The rest of her features are perfect too

9. Daylight makes her feature shine even brighter

10. No wonder people can’t help but compliment her

11. She looks like a work of art

12. God-tier nose bridge, no further explanation needed