10 Moments Between LOONA’s Chuu And Her Car Presenter That Were Just Too Adorable

Barely 5 minutes in and Chuu has already confessed her love!

LOONA‘s Chuu always has the cutest interactions with people on her YouTube series Chuu Can Do It, and this latest vlog was no exception! Since Chuu’s second season will focus more on “protecting the earth,” Chuu got to see the electric car they’ll be using for their travels.

Chuu from LOONA. | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Chuu couldn’t hold back her adorable personality in front of her guest star Kim Se In, a presenter for Mercedes Benz electric vehicles. Here’s a list of 10 precious moments between the two!

Kim Se In (left) and Chuu (right). | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

1. “I love you!”

Kim Se In explained the Mercedes Benz EQA vehicle for Chuu and then quizzed her on what she said. Chuu got the first answer right and immediately told Kim, “I love you!” It was barely five minutes into their conversation but Chuu just couldn’t hold back.

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

2. The quiz is biased!

The whole quiz was too cute and the staff even accused Kim of making it too easy for Chuu! When Chuu couldn’t remember one of the answers, Kim was more than happy to give her hints.

Chuu saying the quiz isn’t too easy. | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

3. You can trust unnie.

Kim told Chuu she would drive her around in the car so she could see it in action. When Chuu asked about her driving skills, Kim said, “Trust me.”

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

It was so cool that Chuu couldn’t help but fall for her!

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

4. Holding hands

Kim led Chuu out of the cafe while holding her hand! Even Chuu gasped at the gesture. It was like something out of a drama!

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

5. Are you Chuugummy?

Chuu asked Kim if she had ever watched Chuu’s YouTube videos, and she said she has! She specifically mentioned the episode where Chuu went around the city asking strangers if they were Chuugummy, or her subscribers.

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Kim said Chuu was so cute when she koala-hugged people, and we all agree!

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

6. Talking comfortably

The two got closer by talking about the weather and their taste in music. While looking outside at the beautiful weather, Kim said “What should we do now?

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

She said it very casually in a way that had Chuu smiling big since “unnie‘s way of talking in real life came out.” They agreed to just speak comfortably now that they know each other better!

Like a real unnie.”| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube

7. Dream come true

Chuu told Kim about a dream she’s had since she was a kid where her sister would pick her up from school in a car. Chuu said she felt like a real sister and fulfilled her dream!

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

8. Benchuu~

Kim asked Chuu if she could give a nickname for the car and after a little thinking, Chuu decided to name it “Benchuu,” mixing Benz and Chuu.

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Kim said it was a perfect match! This car really was meant for Chuu, even if she can’t drive it herself.

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

9. “You’re so cool…”

Even though Chuu had already complimented her before, she had to tell Kim again that she was so cool! Kim thanked her and it was just so cute.

You look really awesome while driving.” |Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

10. Hugging goodbye

After Kim showed Chuu how to charge the car, it was time for them to part ways. They first shook hands and bowed to each other before giving one last hug. Both of them must have had a great time!

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Check out the full video here!

Source: Chuu Can Do It