LOONA Chuu’s Precious Reaction To Meeting A Fan Has Orbits Beaming

She’s an idol who is a fan of her fans!

In the latest episode of her YouTube series Chuu Can Do ItLOONA‘s Chuu was tasked with finding 10 “Chuugummy,” or subscribers to her channel.

Chuu in her YouTube series “Chuu Can Do It.”

Her first few encounters were fails, with some people not knowing her at all and others not being subscribed to her. But eventually she came across a real Chuugummy!

The first Chuugummy proving she’s subscribed to Chuu.

The fan was so excited to meet her — except Chuu seemed even more excited!

Chuu complimented the fan on her makeup and even danced in joy once she found her first Chuugummy!

Before the fan had to go back to work, Chuu gave her a big bear hug and a pack of probiotics from her purse.

The subscriber was on their way to work at Outback, and invited Chuu to come eat there! Chuu said she would stop by if she had nowhere else to be.

Orbits loved Chuu’s reaction to meeting the fan!

Check out the full episode with more of Chuu’s adorable fan interactions here!