10 Photos That Only Veteran ARMYs Will Recognize

These photos will definitely bring back some memories!

BTS seems to be getting more fans over time, as more and more people seem to be falling for their endless charms. There are also many ARMY who been in the fanbase for quite a long time. Here are a couple of throwback photos that only veteran ARMYs will recognize.

1. This woman

Answer: This woman was a part of one of BTS’s most iconic hidden camera pranks. Her appearance in the prank led to many embarrassing and hilarious moments for the members.

2. This photo of Jin

Answer: While Jin might be the main attraction in the photo, some fans noticed something in the background. It turned out that some fans spotted a condom in the background of this photo.

3. These chains

Source: Pinterest

Answer: This comes from one of Suga’s most iconic lines.

4. What happens after this

Answer: While many would assume that the BTS members would be engaging in a competitive race in this scene, the members had other ideas.

5. This child

Answer: This child is the one who caused Jimin to stress during BTS American Hustle Life.

6. Suga & RM looking angry

Answer: RM and Suga are visibly angry because they were being disrespected by rapper B-Free. B-Free made some rude comments towards idol rappers, as well as saying that RM and Suga fell into the “temptation” of becoming idols.

7. This conversation

Answer: This is the moment where V and Jimin had iconic pronunciations of the word “beach”.

8. Why J-Hope made this face

Answer: This picture seems to be a popular meme, but not many know the origin of it. This scene simply happened because of Jimin’s strange action towards J-Hope.

9. This woman

Answer: This woman made some headlines because she was the rumored girlfriend of Bang Si Hyuk. A lot of people were also shocked due to her age, as she is 25 younger than Bang Si Hyuk.

10. The relationship between these two

Answer: During BTS American Hustle Life, Jimin had quite a cute relationship with Tony, as the two shared great affection for each other.