10 Pictures Of BTS’s Jimin Smiling To Make Your Heart Flutter And Charm Your Pants Off

His smile is as perfect as he is.

If being charming was illegal, BTS‘s Jimin would get life in jail. He’s loving, sexy, and knows how to make every part of himself look appealing AF. With the weekend here and not much to do, you may feel a little listless, a little bored…, so instead of lying in bed staring at the ceiling, why not look at these 10 pictures of BTS Jimin’s charming smile to make your heart flutter? That’s what we’ll be doing. 😉

1. His cutie-pie smile

2. His radiant smile

3. His UWU smile

4. His adorable scrunched-up face smile

5. His open-mouthed smile

6. His CEO smile

7. His boyish smile

8. His delightfully happy smile

9. His dorky smile

10. His lovely smile

Oh my gosh, could your heart handle it all? Why is he so precious? While he has many different smiles… They are all perfect, just like he is!