10 Reasons Why BTS’s “Good Boy” V Should Play A K-Drama Bad Guy

This “Good Boy” could be the best “bad guy”.

BTS‘s V hasn’t acted in a K-Drama since 2016, but if he does return to K-Dramas in the future, many fans hope that it will be as a villain. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Good boys play the best bad guys

Some of the most terrifying villains in K-Drama are played by the nicest people. Seeing that 180 switch from good boy to bad guy is part of what makes watching the show so satisfying. Plus you wouldn’t want to cast an actual serial killer as a serial killer…for obvious reasons.

2. His aura is cold enough to give us chills

Fans know that V is one of the most warm-hearted people around, but he has a naturally cold aura that all K-Drama villains must have.

3. Have you seen his mob leader look? It’s perfection.

If V played a K-Drama gangster he would put even the most enthralling mafia fanfictions to shame!

4. Two words: wolf eyes

K-Drama actors do half of their acting with their eyes. V has had plenty of practice using his to convey emotions onstage and in music videos. If he were to play a villain, his wolf eyes would devour viewers through the screen!

5. He is intimidating AF without even trying

V is an extremely social, outgoing person who makes friends with everyone he meets, but to strangers, he may come off as unapproachable.

6. He would nail every action scene

What do psychopaths, royal usurpers, and corrupt CEOs have in common? In K-Drama land, they’re all in tip-top shape, probably because they spend so much time beating up the good guys.

V is in amazing shape, plus he has done his own stunts in the past.

7. He already played a good guy

In 2016, V played a very Good Boy in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, so it would be interesting to see him play a character who is the complete opposite.

8. Everyone would want the hero to lose. Everyone.

V makes being bad look so good that it would be hard not to root for him. In K-Dramas, the heroes win, but with V as the villain we could get the ultimate twist ending!

9. He has already given us a taste of what he is capable of

In BTS’s “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV, V played a fallen angel. His dark charisma stole the spotlight, so just think of the impact he could have in a 16-episode series.

10. V stands for “visuals” and “villain”. Coincidence? I think not.