These 10+ Tweets About ARMYs’s Husbands Who Unconditionally Support Them Prove That True Love Exists In The World

#14 is so extra — ARMYs, please give this guy your love!

True love may be expressed in different forms. For example, maybe it’s when your partner takes care of you when you’re sick.

Or perhaps true love can be expressed as being together with your partner and growing old with them as long as you’re both in a committed relationship.

For ARMYs, though, true love can come in the form of acceptance — that is, when your partner acknowledges that you’re a dedicated BTS fan, and instead of being jealous or annoyed, you join them and become fans together!

1. When you walk in and your husband looks embarrassed…

this isn’t the first thing that comes into your mind, right?

2. When you promise to love each other forever…

…but you don’t want to share your ARMY kit because, you know, you ordered first so it’s just right that yours got delivered first.

3. This is such a wholesome family bonding moment

4. It’s official

Your husband is a certified ARMY. Side effects include excessive fanboying over BTS, singing BTS songs and sneakily practicing BTS dance choreography when he thinks you’re not looking.

5. A true husband knows what his wife really needs

You know you’re soul mates when you don’t even need to verbalize anything: you just look at them and they already know what you need.

6. Is Greg an ARMY, too?

7. The foundation of a good marriage…

…is trust, honesty, respect, and shared love for BTS.

8. Respect to “those guys who got moves”

9. Plot twist

He actually bought two ARMY Bombs for himself but you saw him so he decided to let one go.

10. Never ever let him go

11. In this house, we all love BTS

12. Even celebrity husbands can’t resist Jimin’s charms

Why is it that a lot of celebrities love to treat Jimin as their son, or their “baby mochi”?

13. A love letter

14. Don’t be selfish, ask the man who his bias is!

15. No, sis, you should be thankful

16. Is it called a love triangle…

…when both of you love each other but you also love the same person who doesn’t know you personally?

Now that you know what ARMY husbands think about their partner’s love for BTS, why don’t you take a glimpse of what ARMY boyfriends think, too?

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