10 Times BTS’s Jin and Jungkook Hugged And ARMYs Can’t Get Enough Of It

One hug got ARMYs losing their minds on Twitter.

The bond between BTS’s Jin and Jungkook has always been one of the most endearing sibling-like relationships to follow in the journey of BTS. Although Jin is also a maknae in his family, he played big brother to Jungkook so well. There is pure joy when these two interact, but ARMYs never tire of it.

On Jungkook’s twenty-fifth birthday, Jin visited him with a box of grapes from his uncle’s farm. After staying for a while, Jin said goodbye to Jungkook, who reached out to hug him. The hugs went on for quite a bit.., and an ARMY kindly compiled all those warm hugs in a video and shared them on Twitter.

ARMYs loved this moment and talked about it quite a bit.

These birthday hugs call to mind many times Jungkook and Jin have hugged, with some moments more unforgettable than others. Here are 10 of the most memorable hugs shared by Jin and Jungkook and the reasons behind these hugs.

1. Jungkook Tried to Warm Jin When He was Feeling Cold.

At one of their concerts during the Love Yourself World Tour, Jungkook tried to warm Jin up by hugging him. Look at how happy Jungkook is with Jin hugged close to him!

2.  Jin’s 27th Birthday Hug

On Jin’s 27th birthday in 2019, Jungkook went to his hotel room to greet him and join Jimin, J-Hope, and V, to play games with Jin in his room. It was a fun birthday moment for Jin.

3. Jungkook Found Out He’d Be Rooming With Jin.

In one of the RUN BTS Episodes, Jungkook found out he’d be rooming with Jin and was so happy he hugged Jin so tightly that they fell on the bed together. This was also the hilarious episode when Jimin, Jungkook, V, and Jin, the entire vocal line, chose the same bedroom unknowingly.

4. When they hugged because they did well in a Cooking Challenge

Jungkook and Jin partnered in RUN BTS Episode 57 and were so delighted they got through a cooking challenge that they hugged tightly, Jin clinging to Jungkook with his legs. They looked so cute together.

5.  Jungkook felt cold and cuddled up to Jin in In The SOOP.

During one of their dinners in In the SOOP Season 1, Jungkook felt so cold that he hugged Jin for 30 seconds to keep warm. Jin didn’t mind it at all, letting Jungkook hug him while he still conversed with the others.

6. Jungook clung like a baby on Jin’s back while swimming.

Remember RUN BTS Episodes 131 and 132, where Jungkook played his evil maknae mode to the hilt? Yes, it’s the episode where he kept touching his goggles, gleefully watching his hyungs grimace through the splash of water on their faces as a result of his actions. After his naughty antics, Jungkook clung to Jin from behind like a big baby at the end of episode 132.

7. Jungkook’s hug with an “ulterior motive.”

This hug looks so sweet, but Jungkook has a trick up his sleeve because the hug was just a ruse to get Jin’s jacket!

8. When Jungkook couldn’t go beyond “focus on…”

Remember when Jungkook froze while delivering his speech in the 2021 AMA’s? He got flustered by the time limit and forgot the rest of his speech, so Jin hugged and pulled him out of the way as they kept laughing onstage.

9. The arm hug

This is not exactly a full hug, just Jin and Jungkook having a moment. Jin was pinching Jungkook’s thigh, and Jungkook was hugging his arm to stop the pinching.


10. The shirtless Jungkook hugging Jin tweet

Remember the infamous tweet that got ARMYs losing their minds over a shirtless Jungkook hugging Jin? Yes, a memorable photobomb.. hug that trended Jinkook’s friendship and Jungkook’s shirtlessness.