10 Times IU Looked Like An Absolute Princess In These Red Carpet Dresses

She’s kind like a princess too!

From her angelic personality to her stunning visuals, IU is an absolute princess in many ways. IU especially resembles a princess when she’s strutting down the red carpet in beautiful gowns!

Here are 10 times looked like an absolute princess in these red carpet dresses:

1. She’s glowing!

IU was literally glowing in this luxurious ball gown! It’s hard to take your eyes off such a stunning person like IU.

2. IU’s smile can brighten the world

Not only does IU look like a princess, but she is generous, intelligent, and talented like one.

3. Sophisticated and lovely!

IU is super professional and sophisticated when it comes to her career just like a true princess.

4. Love the long train

The gown’s long flowing train really adds to the princess vibe! All she needs is a crown!

5. Baby blue is her color

Even toward the beginning of her career, IU shinned no matter where she went!

6. Classy!

IU proved that she can even steal hearts in a simple white dress!

7. A princess and her prince

IU and actor Lee Joong Ki stunned everyone with their sleek and classy look!

8. If puffy sleeves don’t scream “princess” than I don’t know what does!

IU’s beauty is on a whole other level, especially in this lovely white dress.

9. She’s ready to take over the world

Even in a shorter dress, IU looks ready to conquer the world just like a princess should.

10. She’s got the princess wave down!

From the sparkly belt to the flowing white fabric, it’s hard not to think IU is actually a real princess.