10+ Times IZ*ONE’s Minju Had Fans Falling For Her Unreal Proportions

Minju is a visual and proportion queen!

Ever since her appearance on Produce 48, IZ*ONE‘s Minju has been hailed for her top-notch visuals and unreal proportions! Her good looks and gorgeous bodyline make her stand out among all her other good-looking members, and fans rave about her looks all the time! Here are 10+ times Minju’s unreal proportions made fans fall for her even more!

1. Minju’s proportions in this fit are unreal!


2. Minu’s casual visuals are so gorgeous!


3. She slays this basic fit!


4. She’s gorgeous!


5. Body-line queen!


6. Her red carpet visuals are amazing!


7. Her pink hair and this fit is everything!


8. Such a casual visual queen!


9. Minju in these pictures is something else entirely!


10. Her visuals shine in all-white!


11. She’s beautiful!


12. Debut era Minju is so pretty!


13. This outfit and Minju go so well together!


14. Her physique is so amazing!


15. She’s an ethereal beauty!