10+ Times K-Pop Groups’ Official Social Media Accounts Messed Up Big Time

Oops. Should’ve checked that profile first.

The internet is unforgiving. Whatever is put out there, stays out there. Had these K-Pop idol groups’ official social media accounts known any better, they would have been extra-extra careful with what they do. But alas, these account managers are only human after all — and they mess up from time to time. Here are 10+ times when these official accounts did questionable things that made K-Pop fans do a double take.


1. The Time NCT’s Jaehyun & Mark Dispatched Dora The Explorer From Vietnam

Here’s a video from Jaehyun & Mark in Vietnam. (They apologized for sending it late, because of the internet connection there!)

— NCT Twitter


2. The Time BTS’s Jungkook Worshipped Pork Belly Delivery On EXID’s Twitter


3. The Time PRISTIN Kept Fans Posted About Their Progress On The Game “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”

Unlocked “Welcome to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 123”. Unlocked “First Case”. Unlocked “Case Sisters”.

— PRISTIN Twitter


4. The Time EXO Was A 10-Membered Group Named NCT 127


5. The Time TVXQ Changmin’s Perfect Visual Had EXO Whipped Too

Here’s a teaser featuring TVXQ Changmin’s perfect visual. New music dropping on March 28 across all streaming platforms!

— EXO Twitter


6. The Time EXO’s Chen Was Revealed To Be That One Last Avenger SuperM Couldn’t Recruit


7. The Time GOT7 Boasted They Were Certainly Dalla Dalla With An ITZY Photoshoot


8. The Time TWICE’s Jeongyeon And Jihyo Celebrated Kang Daniel’s 100th Day Anniversary

Kang Daniel’s 100th Day Since Debut

— Kang Daniel V Live Channel


9. The Time SM Town As A Whole Village Supported IZ*ONE’s Nako


10. The Time OH MY GIRL Couldn’t Keep Their Eyes Off Jimin Stuffing Himself With Rice Cakes


11. The Time INFINITE’s Woohyun Debuted As Lovelyz’s 9th Member

Inside The Waiting Room At The Golden Disk Awards

— Lovelyz V Live Channel


12. The Time World Klass Gave Wannables Massive Heart Attacks

World Klass Accidentally Goes Live On Wanna One’s Channel, Disappoints Fans

Source: THEQOO