10+ Times Lovelyz’s Sujeong Wore A Crop Top And Highlighted Her Perfect Waistline

Sujeong in crop tops is a superior concept!

Lovelyz‘s Sujeong is often praised for her amazing proportions, and shocks fans with how tiny her waist is!

Here are 10+ times Sujeong wore a crop top, and showed off perfect waistline for fans to marvel at!

1. Her waistline is so pretty!


2. Sujeong looks summer-ready in this outfit!


3. Her proportions are unreal!


4. She looks so pretty in crop tops!



5. She’s killin’ it!


6. Queen ATE that!


7. She’s the queen of tiny waists!


8. A whole visual right here!


9. Even her casual visuals are gorgeous!


10. She’s an angel in white!


11. She’s gorgeous!


12. Sujeong can work anything!


13. She looks so cute in this casual outfit!


14. Her abs are so toned!