10+ Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Showed Off Her Explosive Charisma In Suits

Powerful queen serving powerful visuals!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is an incredible performer, whose explosive charisma is amplified by her powerful fashion choices! Here are 10+ times Solar wore a suit, and simply oozed charismatic and powerful vibes like the queen she is!

1. Solar is a powerful and sexy queen in this white suit!


2. Solar in this pink suit is everything!


3. This outfit looks so good on her!


4. She’s beautiful!


5. This is one of Solar’s most legendary looks!


6. Red is definitely one of her best colors!


7. She’s killin’ it in this suit-dress!


8. Solar looks amazing in this stage outfit!


9. Her charisma is off the charts!


10. This outfit is so pretty on her!


11. Her visuals in this suit scream “powerful queen”!


12. She’s gorgeous!


13. This blue suit is really working for her!


14. Smiley Solar in a suit is the sweetest thing you’ll see today!