10+ Times Nam Joo Hyuk Showed His Aegyo And Made Your Hearts Flutter In Joy

Are you really his fan if you didn’t blush at #8?

Korean actor and model Nam Joo Hyuk became a household name because of his versatile acting skills and gorgeous visuals.

After all, only he can pull of the role of a college student who’s struggling with his swimming trauma…

…and transform into a water god who has existed for several centuries, right?

Since he’s a professional model, too, it seems like Nam Joo Hyuk’s amazing visuals are already set in stone.

But did you know that there’s another side to it — his aegyo game is actually on point, too. Here are 10+ times Nam Joo Hyuk showed off his irresistibly cute side and made hearts flutter. Enjoy!

1. Starting off with a quick wink attack

2. Wet hair Joo Hyuk with an eager expression on his face

3. If your partner looked at you like this, don’t let him go

4. He can start a mukbang channel and everyone would watch it

5. A bright smile to brighten your day

6. Why are his eyes so expressive?

7. Is he filming a CF here?

8. Finger guns straight to your heart

9. “Welcome, here’s my morning routine!”

10. That blink is something else, but the smile that came after is a killer

11. Sheepish gestures are always heart-fluttering, especially if it’s him doing it

12. Mukbang session part two

13. Can you ever stop fangirling over Joo Hyuk?

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