10+ Times NCT’s Jaehyun Looked Like An Actual Prince

Jaehyun is a real-life prince charming!

NCT‘s Jaehyun‘s great visuals are undeniable! With his charming smile and warm heart, Jaehyun makes everyone’s heart skip a beat! Many could say Jaehyun is an absolute prince! SF9’s Inseong has even named Jaehyun as a real-life prince charming. Here are 10+ times Jaehyun looked like an actual prince

1. Jaehyun don’t look at us like that!

Jaehyun’s beautiful gaze makes everyone blush!

2. Jaehyun truly is NCTzen’s prince charming

As the prince he is, Jaehyun makes sure to wave to all of his beloved NCTzens!

3. Jaehyun rules the world and our hearts

Jaehyun just casually sitting on his throne as he steals our hearts one by one.


4. Covered in jewels!

Although he’s covered in jewels from head to toe, nothing shines brighter than Jung Jaehyun himself.

5. Jaehyun has the softest visuals

While Jaehyun can give off big sultry vibes, he can also show off his soft visuals as well! He is the prince of duality!


6. He looks good wearing that crown

Jaehyun’s prince charming qualities make that crown look so natural on him.

7. He’s mesmerizing

Jaehyun always looks amazing in a suit!

8. Smile of a true sweetheart

Nothing can beat Jaehyun’s gorgeous smile! Once he cracks a smile, everyone’s day instantly gets brighter!

9. Cool, calm, and collected

Even just leaning, Jaehyun’s stunning visuals overrule anything else around him!

10. He doesn’t need fancy clothes to be a true prince

Jaehyun’s handsome visuals, as well as his warm-hearted personality, make Jaehyun an absolute prince.

11. Lovely in white

A bright white color doesn’t wash out Jaehyun’s powerful visuals!


12. He is perfection

No matter on or off stage, Jaehyun always looks unreal and handsome!


13. Prince Charming can be stern too

While Jaehyun is the kindest guy out there, he can totally turn on the charm once he hits the stage!

14. Jaehyun in a beret is the best thing we’ve ever seen

Many rock the beret look but Jaehyun adds something special!

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

15. I’m not the only one who died at this right?

Jaehyun in “Kick It” was too hot to handle! Just like a prince, Jaehyun is able to capture everyone’s attention.

| SMTOWN/YouTube



16. Scholarly


Jaehyun brings a scholarly vibe to his prince-like features!


17. Romantic

Jaehyun dominates the romantic concept!

18. He’s always well put together

From his hair to his stage outfit, Jaehyun is always looking fresh and ready to kill it on stage.

19. Those sparkly eyes are dangerous!

Once you lock eyes with Jaehyun and stare into his lovely eyes, there’s no looking away!

20. He exudes confidence

Jaehyun is confident and passionate just like a royal prince!

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

21. Jaehyun visuals are out of this world

Jaehyun is always blessing us with his beautiful presence and stunning visuals.

22. Pink hair, don’t care!

Jaehyun even has prince-like visuals with some bright pink hair!


23. That single strand of hair ended us all!

Why is it that even with a piece of hair in his face, Jaehyun is still gorgeous?


24. He’s a bad boy and a prince

Like I mentioned before, Jaehyun’s duality is insane! Jaehyun can quickly go from a soft prince-like visual to a total bad a** prince!

25. His dimples are one of his biggest charming points

Jaehyun’s dimples are too cute to handle!

26. Airport prince

Merely walking through the airport, Jaehyun is a prince!

27. As I said, those dimples are too precious

Jaehyun’s smile always brings out his adorable dimples!

28. He’s a real-life prince charming

Jaehyun is overall a true prince! He’s got stunning visuals, several talents, and the kindest heart.


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