10 Times SHINee’s Taemin Proved He’s The Very Definition Of Dance

He’s not just a dancer—he’s dance itself!

SHINee‘s Taemin is more than a dancer. He’s the very embodiment of dance itself!

SHINee’s Taemin | @lm_____ltm/Instagram

Here are 10 times Taemin proved he’s the very definition of dance!

1. The “Want” intro is perfection

Science literally can’t explain how Taemin dances like this! There is no logical explanation for how fluid his moves are!

2. “Advice” is truly a masterpiece

The “Advice” choreography is ridiculously hard, but Taemin makes it look so easy!

3. He’s a master of all genres

Taemin can dance in any style, and he always expresses himself so beautifully through his movements! This contemporary dance performance VCR from his online concert, Beyond LIVE – Taemin: N.G.D.A. proves just how versatile of a performer he is.

4. His hips don’t lie

This little hip swivel in “Move” never gets old!

5. He’s been a legend for YEARS

Can you imagine being this good of a dancer at just 14 years old? Although he was so young when he debuted, he already had such a great understanding of rhythm, stage presence, and musicality.

6. He fills even the smallest movements with such passion

The “Flame of Love” choreography shows just how expressive of a dancer Taemin truly is!

7. “Criminal” is full of great dance moments

This intricate choreography is full of showstopping moments, like Taemin’s gorgeously executed spins!

8. We didn’t even know it was possible to move like this until Taemin did it

It must take tons of body control to make this movement from the “Famous” choreography look as sharp as Taemin makes it look!

9. Fellow “Drip Drop” enthusiasts, this one’s for you

This choreography moves very quickly from sharp movements to fluid movements, and Taemin seamlessly transitions between the two!

10. Someone please explain how his legs are doing this

This “Idea” move will forever blow our minds!