10 Times Stray Kids Han Shook Stay With His Duality

No Stay is safe from Han’s duality.

We all know how goofy and chaotic Stray Kids can be, and how they manage to turn from cute to sexy in .5 seconds flat. Han is one of the members who always manages to stun Stay with his duality, from adorable quokka to sexy Han and back to adorable quokka. Here are 10 photos and gifs of his heart-stopping duality:

1. Han Quokka

His SKZOO character looks just like him, from the cute wide eyes to the adorable squishy cheeks.


2. Did I mention cheeks?

He looks adorable whenever he pouts or is eating food!


3. Seriously, cheeks

Even his own members can’t get enough of it and must poke them.

| banghans-archive/Tumblr

4. Pout

His pout is strong enough to make any Stay give in to what he wants.

| abi6x/Tumblr

5. Han + glasses

He’s such a cutie with round glasses!

| hanjisung-s/Tumblr

Now that we’re all aware of how adorable Han is, let’s move on to sexy Han:

6. Performing

Han takes performing seriously, and it’s obvious in the deadly charisma he has on stage.

| creker/Tumblr

7. Modeling

Adorable Han quokka is gone as serious Han takes over to model for make-up brand CLIO in a leather jacket.


8. Promotions

Han never lets Stay down with promotional images for Stray Kids.

| JYP Entertainment

9. Detective Han

Remember Han’s squishy cheeks in #2? That’s the same Han in the photo below. He went from squishy adorable off camera, to sexy serious on camera.

| JYP Entertainment

10. Duality King

Remember how I said performing Han is sexy Han? Well he can just as easily switch to cute Han as well, making him even more dangerous for Stays hearts.

| youngke/Tumblr

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