10+ Times Sunmi Was A Fashion Queen In Her Classy And Chic Casual Fashion

Sunmi’s fashion game is top-notch!

Sunmi is a gorgeous idol, and whenever she makes an appearance, all eyes ar eon her beautiful self! She slays both on and offstage, but her casual outfits give fans some serious fashion inspo! Here are 10+ times Sunmi slayed in her chic and classy casual fashion!

1. Sunmi is 75% legs in this outfit!


2. Classy queen!


3.  Sunmi slays in jeans, and the heels are such a classy touch to this outfit!


4. This look is so classy and stylish!


5. She’s serving such chic visuals!


6. Her outfit may be basic, but there’s nothing basic about her!


7. She’s gorgeous!


8. Her visuals are unreal!


9. This outfit is just the right mix of casual and sexy!


10. Sunmi pulls this dress off like no one else!


11. She’s a fashion icon!


12. This outfit looks so classy and comfy!


13. Chic Sumi is such a look!


14. She’s gorgeous with black hair and this outfit!


15. Her blonde hair and this outfit need a comeback!