Here Are 10 Times SuperM’s Mood Maker Baekhyun Made His Members Laugh To Brighten Your Day

He’s not called the mood maker for nothing!

SuperM‘s Baekhyun is always up to some mischief, and loves to make his members laugh. His role as the group’s mood maker is well deserved, and fellow member Taemin has previously expressed how Baekhyun helped break the ice and relieve tension amongst the members when the group first formed. Here are ten of our favorite moments when Baekhyun made his members and us cry from laughter.

| @baekhyunee_exo/Instagram

1. Copying Ten’s swimming

After seeing Ten do a beautiful butterfly, Baekhyun had to give it a shot as well. Let’s just say that an attempt was made.

2. Surfing

Baekhyun’s confidence is through the roof, so he gave his members a little preview of how his surfing lesson would go.

3. “Teaching” them how to wakeboard

He hasn’t even gone wakeboarding yet but he was giving tips(?) on how to successfully wakeboard.

4. His many expressions

Baekhyun’s mannerisms and exaggerated expressions were sending Mark over the moon with laughter.

5. Wedding hall shenanigans

They were tasked with solving a murder mystery at a wedding venue, and Baekhyun just couldn’t resist some mischief.

6. Insisting that he caught the bread

For game night, the members had to try and catch a piece of toast popping out of a toaster, and it was much harder than anyone expected. So hard that Baekhyun began to start pretending he caught it.

7. Insisting he caught the bread pt. 2

Baekhyun just loves making his members laugh, and he’s realized the wilder and more exaggerated his motions, the harder they laugh.

8. His confident and unique answer

His mind is just on a whole different level.

9. Showing off his cool prize gift

He made his members jealous of his prize solely due to his confident and silly presentation.

10. Not letting go of a joke

Ever since Kai yelled “panty” during an old Knowing Bros episode while playing the whisper challenge, Baekhyun has not let it go.