10 Times TWICE’s Nayeon & Red Velvet’s Yeri Proved They Have One Of The Cutest Friendships In K-Pop

#3 is so precious!

The precious bond between TWICE’s Nayeon and Red Velvet’s Yeri is every TwiceVelvet stan’s dream. Take a look at these 10 times they showed off how close their friendship is.

1. When Yeri called Nayeon on her birthday live broadcast

2. When Nayeon accompanied Yeri to her fan-held event

Red Velvet’s Sweetheart Yeri Shocked Fans By Showing Up To Their Café Event With TWICE’s Nayeon

3. When they got couple rings together

4. When Nayeon taught Yeri (and Seulrene) the “Likey” choreo

5. When Nayeon agreed to be the first guest on Yeri’s new YouTube show

TWICE’s Nayeon To Be The First Guest Star Of Red Velvet Yeri’s Upcoming New Reality/Variety Show

6. When Yeri made Nayeon (and Momo) sit with her

7. When they met each other backstage at events

8. When they met each other on stage at events

9. When Yeri (and Irene) attended TWICE’s concert

10. When they showed love with the cutest hugs!