10 Unforgettable, Iconic Quotes From NCT’s Mark

Mark can be a motivational speaker when he’s done with K-Pop.

NCT‘s Mark says something iconic nearly every time he opens his mouth! Here are 10 of his most unforgettable lines!

1. “My name is Mark. You can mark me in your heart.”

Mark introduced himself by saying this during NCT 127‘s American School 101 series on YouTube. If Mark wasn’t already marked in your heart before he said this, he definitely was after!

2. “NCTzens, this is for you!”

Sure, Mark may have missed the shot after saying this while playing basketball with Jaehyun, but we love him just the same!

3. “Five Guys, goodbye guys”

Yes, Mark is hilarious even while sipping milkshakes with his bandmates!

4. “We are at the tram stop. Are you the tram that stops?”

Mark said this to a tram driver while exploring the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardenwith Haechan. We’re sure Mark’s hilarious and friendly greeting made the tram driver’s day!

5. “I really like the sky ’cause it’s really wide. I feel like the land is very big.”

In an interview with iHeart Radio, NCT 127 was asked about their first impressions of New York City, and Mark shared this very insightful gem.

6. “The cool kids always have all the buttons up.” 

Mark Lee: Legendary K-Pop idol and school dress code enthusiast. In A Cup of Coffee Part 2, Mark explained that he and Doyoung were the cool kids in school because they had their shirts buttoned up all the way.

7. “Favorite Doja Cat song?”

A fan asked Mark what his favorite song by Doja Cat was during a live stream, and Mark was hilariously caught off guard by the question!

8. “You got to seize the opportunity.”

Mark explained the importance of going after what you want to Johnny in an episode of Help! Johnny Marky, and we bet this will end up being someone’s yearbook quote!

9. “I feel like the possibility of all those possibilities being possible is just another possibility that can possibly happen.”

Just Mark being a visual representation of what it’s like to try to reach your word count in an essay.

10. “Ayo, listen up!”

Mark’s iconic intro to “Resonance” is a great reminder to do what love no matter what people say and to always resonate (resonate)!



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