10 Wholesome Moments From BTS V’s “Starry Night” Radio Show Recording That Showcase His True Personality

BTS’s V treasured each moment with ARMYs.

BTS‘s V was recently a special guest DJ on Kim Eana‘s radio show Starry Night. He appeared alongside his friend and fellow special guest DJ, veteran artist Park Hyo Shin.

BTS’s V (left) with Park Hyo Shin (right) during the day 1 recording of “Starry Night” | @starnight959/Instagram

The two artists recently wrapped their second day acting as special guest DJs on the show, and fans can’t get over how handsome, charming, and kind BTS’s V was towards the show’s team and, of course, ARMYs.

Both days, ARMYs loyally waited outside the studio, cheering on the beloved BTS member.

BTS’s V greeting fans during “Starry Night” day 2 recording | @thv/Instagram

Here are ten heartwarming moments from the Starry Night recording that shows V’s true personality.

1. Making sure to greet all ARMYs

V made sure to take his time to greet ARMYs thoughtfully in every direction.

2. Checking to see if fans were comfortable

While his song “Sweet Night” played, V turned to fans to check in on them. He motioned to ask if ARMYs were cold as they stood outside. Park Hyo Shin motioned towards V’s jacket as fans seemed to answer they were actually too warm, which V adorably relayed to Park Hyo Shin.

3. Dancing with ARMYs

As BTS’s “Magic Shop” played, V got up and swayed and waved his arms to the song with fans as they enthusiastically sang along.

4. Signing to fans

Eagle-eyed fans spotted BTS’s V appearing to sign good/like in Korean Sign Language. V has been known to communicate with people with hearing loss using Sign Language before.

5. Asking the “Starry Night” team for more time with ARMYs

In a charming moment, some fans reported that BTS’s V was attempting to bow to the Starry Night team formally.

While others with a different vantage point reported that he was asking for more time to spend with ARMYs, negotiating a few more precious minutes.

6. Showing support for BTS’s J-Hope

During the show, V showed support for his fellow BTS group member when he danced to Crush‘s new song “Rush Hour,” featuring BTS’s J-Hope.

7. Posing for photos

V and Park Hyo Shin posed for fans to get the best photos of the two friends. During the second day, V turned and posed with fans as well!

8. Removing his mask for ARMYs to see his face

V made sure to momentarily pull his mask down so he could smile at ARMYs who were patiently waiting for him.

9. Making sure fans get home safely

After the recording ended, V motioned for fans to take their time getting home so they could get home safely.

10. Making sure fans were safe around his van

V greeted fans one final time as his van drove away. He thoughtfully motioned for fans to be mindful of the van so they wouldn’t get hurt.

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