10 Wildest K-Drama Moments That Made Us Go “What The Actual F*ck?”

What… is actually happening…?

Oh, we know it. K-Dramas can easily go beyond our imagination — and come up with some of the wildest scenes that our simple minds cannot possibly comprehend. Here are 10 most legendary “WTF?” moments from past K-Dramas that made us raise our eyebrows.

1. This Rice Shower from Happy Sisters

We’re not sure what is more baffling: The fact that he puts a spoonful of soup in his mouth right before this happens or the fact that he starts spitting raw rice that we can hear as they rain down on the table.

2. This Sketchbook from Eve Love

This is definitely Love Actually gone K-Drama. Are you making the same faces they’re making? Because we’re definitely making the same faces you’re making.

3. This Cancer Treatment from Princess Aurora

Remember when this man said, and we quote, “Cancer cells are living things too so it would be wrong to kill them“? This remains, by far, the most ridiculous script in K-Drama history. For what it’s worth, hoorah to the actor for pulling it off without pulling all his hair out in agony.

4. This Bouquet from Temptation of A Wife

What is it with angry Korean ahjussi characters in these K-Dramas and their incessant needs to destroy things? Look at this father-of-the-patient hulk smash a bouquet because he can. Ooooooh. How scaaaaary.

5. This Sudden Death from Apgujeong Baekya

In all seriousness, we are aware of the actual dangers of falls, concussions, and brain damage. But c’mon — That punch is clearly not Iron Man punch?! We can’t even pretend to believe this is happening. GET UP MAN!

6. This Epic Fall from Iron Daughter-in-Law

When you don’t want to fight anymore and also need to clean the stairs.GIF

7. This Transformation in Stairway To Heaven

We the viewers needed a good month to process this unbelievable transformation. How is it that the young Park Shin Hye turned into Choi Ji Woo, but the young Lee Wan turned into Shin Hyun Joon? (No offense, Shin Hyun Joon).

8. This VFX in Yeon Gaesomun

Okay, fine. So maybe things in 2006 haven’t been as high-end as things in 2020. But still, right? That VFX of the royal maids tossing themselves off the cliff is… quite something.

9. This Getaway in Who Are You: School 2015

Will BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae ever be able to escape this? No, because we won’t let him (Insert evil laugh here). We get it though. Sometimes we all need to get away. He chose to do it in style. 2015 style.

10. This Juicy Reveal in Maybe Love

And finally, this scene birthed the greatest meme to have struck the Koreans. Look, it’s called K-Drama for a reason. This level of extra-dramatic is what makes the K-Drama industry thrive. And again, A+ to the actress for not cracking up at that. We would’ve lost it.

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