11 Times TWICE Momo’s Fanservice Made ONCEs Blush

She makes shippers’ dreams come true.

TWICE‘s Momo loves her members, and she isn’t shy about showing it. In fact, this cuddly star is so affectionate that she’s given ONCEs some truly memorable fanservice over the years!


1. When she snuggled with Dahyun at ISAC

At this year’s Idol Star Athletic Championships, fans spotted Momo and Dahyun getting nice and snuggly between events. Momo held Dahyun from behind while gently rocking her back and forth.

During this 15+ minute cuddle session, Momo went in for a kiss not once…

…not twice…

..but several times. Leave it to Momo to make shippers’ dreams come true!


2. When she shared this Pepero kiss with Mina

Technically, fans have both Momo and Sana to thank for this moment! At a fansign event, Momo initiated a Pepero kiss with Mina…

…and Sana pushed it one step further!


3. When she flirted with Sana on a live broadcast

No doubt, ONCEs were squealing behind their computer and mobile screens when this flirty moment went down. When a fan left a comment saying that Momo and Sana look like a couple, the girls went with it.

Momo accused Sana of trying to seduce her…

…but Sana argued that Momo shouldn’t fall for people so easily!

The two continued to flirt and banter with each other, much to fans’ delight.


4. When she demonstrated a greeting kiss with Nayeon

While filming in Switzerland, some of the TWICE members kissed to show how some foreigners say hello.

Some of the members were shy about doing this greeting kiss, but not Momo. She and Momo and Nayeon had no problem kissing each other’s cheeks and giving ONCEs the fanservice they deserve!


5. When she tried to steal a kiss from Jeongyeon during a fan meeting

At one point during this fansign in Gangnam, Momo backed Jeongyeon up against a wall and tried to steal a kiss from her.

Nayeon’s pestering might be the only reason why Momo gave up!


6. When Dahyun touched Momo’s abs

Dahyun and Momo made fans go crazy when they got touchy-feeling at a fansign. Momo and Dahyun embraced…

…when Dahyun tested out Momo’s rock-hard abs!


7. When she gave Jeongyeon a birthday kiss

At first, Jeongyeon wasn’t crazy about getting smooched by the members on Weekly Idol

…but, in the end, she couldn’t resist Momo’s charms!


8. When she kissed Tzuyu for her birthday

Jeongyeon isn’t the only one who received the gift of Momo’s kiss on her birthday!

Momo also kissed TWICE’s maknae when she turned another year older.


9. When she kissed Nayeon on stage

Neither Momo nor Nayeon is reserved about showing affection, so it’s no surprise that they were cool with touching lips while promoting “Cheer Up”.

They also struck some aegyo-tastic poses!


10. When danced with Mina to “Crazy in Love”

Hit the Stage was not prepared for the intensity that was Momo and Mina’s duet, and neither were fans!

Momo and Mina put on a memorable performance when they portrayed a dysfunctional couple to the song “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce.


11. When she played the Pepero game with Nayeon

Mina isn’t the only one who shared an intimate Pepero moment with Momo! Nayeon and Momo also played this flirty game at a fan event.

After their near-kiss, the two shared an adorable hug!