12 Times BTS Was “Caught In A Lie” On Camera

One of the downsides of being in the public eye is that your fans will catch you every single time you tell a lie.

1. When Suga said that he wasn’t a genius.

While Suga was working in the “Genius Lab” production studio, Jungkook asked him if he considered himself to be a genius. Suga humbly said no…

…but we all know that’s not true! Back in Suga’s blonde days, he summed himself up in two words, “Suga” and “genius”.

2. When J-Hope said he was brave

J-Hope has many admirable strengths, but courage just isn’t one of them, at least not when it comes to the dreaded mystery box game. Before playinghe told everyone that he is much braver than they think…

…but his actions said otherwise!

3. When V caused confusion by changing his name.

On an episode of Bon VoyageV told a cashier that his name is “J”.

Unfortunately, Jin said the same thing! Jin told the cashier that V’s name is actually “T”, short for Taehyung, and went so far as to call V a liar.

4. When Jungkook denied his true self.

During a live broadcast, Jungkook told viewers that he is a human, not a rabbit…

…but he has been caught saying the exact opposite.

5. When Jimin pretended to be aegyo-free

Jimin was caught in a lie when he told fans not to expect him to act cutely for them.

Fans know that Jimin is 100% adorable all the time though, even when he’s not trying to be! It’s as natural to him as breathing.

6. When Jimin revealed the real reason why Jin loses sleep.

Backstage, Jin said that he hadn’t been getting much rest because he was so hard at work learning BTS‘s challenging choreography.

Jimin piped in and said that Jin was up late playing video games, not practicing.

7. When RM lied about his stage name

During a rookie era broadcast, RM, formerly known as Rap Monster, told fans that his name was “Rap Monster”, not “Dance Monster”.

RM might not be BTS’s number one dancer, but seems to enjoy dancing anyway!

8. When V and Jimin ruined Jin’s reputation

Backstage, Jin, Jimin, and V were asked if Jin is a “pure” person. Jin said that he is “very innocent and pure”, but his members said otherwise.

Jimin and V told viewers that Jin is the exact opposite of “pure”.

9. When Jungkook changed his mind about being your “oppa”

In “Boy in Luv”, Jungkook sings the line “I want to be your oppa”, but in reality…

…he hates being called “oppa!”. Jungkook may be getting more used to the idea these days, he has shot down numerous fans in the past for calling him “oppa”.

10. When Suga tried to cheat his way to success.

On Run BTS!, Suga claimed to have helped out his members by heroically unfreezing them during a zombie chase game.

In truth, he didn’t help them. He just secretly slapped on the unfreezing stickers!

11. When Jin lied about his priorities.

When asked if food or BTS was more important to him, Jin said BTS. The truth detector determined that this was a lie!

12. When Jungkook called himself an “international playboy”

ARMY knows that this is one of the biggest lies Jungkook has ever told.

Although Jungkook radiates charisma on stage…

…he has a history of being extremely shy (and jumpy!) around girls!


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