12 Times BTS Showed Off Their Kind Hearts, That You Probably Missed

Considerate gestures are a habit for them.

Spending 24/7 with the same people can sometimes make you too comfortable and overlook the small considerate gestures and manners. But that’s nothing to worry about for BTS, even though they are world stars that have been living together for over 6 years. Their actions and habits show just how thoughtful they are.

Here are 12 moments BTS showed their kind hearts that you might have missed because it was so natural!

1. Jin holding his hot packs to Jungkook’s ears despite being cold himself.

2. Jungkook turning his heater around towards the fans during an outdoor event in winter.

3. Jimin splitting the wooden chopsticks before handing them out to the members.

4. RM catching J-Hope as soon as he realizes he’s about to fall over.

5. Jungkook tidying up the electrical lines for the cameramen and staff members, and making sure it doesn’t get tangled.

6. V carefully taking off Jimin’s face mask pack after he fell asleep with it on because he was too tired.

7. RM taking his hand out of his pocket when shaking hands with someone older than him, without even really thinking about it.

8. Suga sacrificing his hand to help Jimin eat.

9. Everyone offering to switch seats when Jimin started feeling carsick.

10. V opening up the water bottle before handing it to RM after both reaching for it at the same time.

11. J-Hope giving his medal to RM without any hesitation when RM shows some interest in it.

12. Jimin just hugging V when he starts crying, not asking any questions.