12 Times CLC’s Sorn Proved That TikTok Is Her Home

She’s a girl group member and a TikTok star!

CLC‘s Sorn seems to spend a large portion of her free time on TikTok and always finds a way to entertain her 1.4 million followers. From iconic lip-syncing to original content, TikTok has clearly become a second home for this girl group member.

Here are 12 examples of the varied content that Sorn offers her fans on TikTok!

1. She puts her own spin on the latest trends.


♬ оригинальный звук – Lerushka👐🏼

2. Those transitions and facial expressions are flawless.


♬ original sound – achaddyjenks

3. The effort is evident!


Tried so hard for this tiktok 😂@itsleonardlim

♬ original sound – RAM

4. This girl group member knows how to master hand gestures.


♬ Tokyo – Leat’eq

5. She only needs a few seconds to make us laugh.



♬ original sound – Matt

6. Her creativity comes through in the cutest ways!


Me trying to open a wine bottle

♬ son original – DJ MATAFAN

7. She’s not wrong with her observations, though.


♬ Somebody to love Basstrologe Bootleg – mthekyng

8. Sorn understanding how K-Pop fans feel all the time.


♬ Original Sound – Unknown

9. She remains relatable in every way.


What da heck…

♬ sonido original – Esteban 🤪

10. Sometimes there’s even some tea spilled.


Its worth it though! You gotta sacrifice for your dreams to get to the top ✨

♬ FACK by eminem – meez

11. Sorn giving out her beauty secrets for free.


Reply to @virzhiniyatodorov

♬ Doki Doki Literature Club! – PPF

12. It wouldn’t be TikTok without a few unexplained moments.


♬ original sound – jaedon🥳

She’s here to make us all smile!




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