13 Things Korean Women Who Have Never Dated Do

None of these traits have helped them win a date.

Dispatch revealed a list of the things Korean women who have never dated do:


1. They don’t ever show their feelings.

It’s impossible to tell if they have feelings for someone. They think they’re leaving hints, but it’s only in their heads.


2. They put too much meaning on everything.

Even with the most insignificant interaction, they read too much into what happened! They think the biggest of the smallest gestures…


3. They give up easily.

Should they see their crush with another girl, it may be the end of their worlds. They see other girl friends as obstacles and give up almost immediately.


4. They don’t want to confront.

They like to keep their crush as a crush. Even if they fall in love with the most perfect person on Earth, they won’t ever take it any further.


5. They believe in fate.

Perhaps it’s one too many K-drama episode. They think one day, their prince in charming will appear out of thin air and confess to them too! They don’t make the first move, because they want to wait for fate to come find them.


6. They have low self-esteem.

Sometimes, it’s hard for them to get over a failed crush and move on to someone new, because they have such low self-esteem that they think they won’t be able to find anyone else.


7. They no longer care.

They have grown so used to not having a boyfriend, and they find comfort in being alone, that they don’t try anymore. They see no reason to put in the effort to date. Why bother when everything is fine the way it is?


8. They are never ready.

When something does happen, they back away as fast as possible because they are “not ready” for it just yet. But the thing is, they are never ready – year after year after year!


9. They turn down opportunities.

When they are approached by men who are interested, they bolt. They don’t know how to grab the opportunity by its horns! They’re hesitant, but not when it comes to saying no to good chance and timing.


10. They want the man to make the first move.

They are relatively conservative and still think men have to make the first move. They want to wait it out until they are confessed to, not confessing.


11. They have friends who are also single.

They have friends who are just like them. Single ladies pack together and remain single together!


12. They don’t like the way they look.

They aren’t confident because they don’t quite like the way they look in the mirror. This leads to them giving up even before trying, thinking they’re “not pretty enough”.


13. They are more eager to help with other people’s dating lives.

Nevermind their own sob stories. They love getting the details about their friends’ love lives. They have a lot to say about dating too, though they don’t quite have the experience. They offer tons of advice, none of which have seemed to have worked for themselves.

Source: Dispatch
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