These Are 13 Tweets That Prove San Definitely Belongs In ATEEZ’s Demon Line

Between him, Hongjoong, and Seonghwa, they really make this “line” amazing.

It’s been proven already that ATEEZ members Hongjoong and Seonghwa belong in the group’s infamous demon line, and now it’s time to finally give evidence for their last member, San. With his incredible duality on and off stage, his style of dancing that can make him seem possessed, and his crazy facial skills, it’s no wonder people call him demon San! Here are 13 tweets that further prove this.

1. What else could explain how he moves his body like he does?

2. Here’s another angle if you need to see it again

3. This stare though

4. This duality though

5. Even his eyes get all wild and possessed

6. Just look at him compared to the other members at this part!

7. When even non-fans recognize him for what he is

8. Yet another compilation of evidence

9. Just. These expressions

10. And this look

11. Red suits him very well…

12. What else could explain this??

13. Never forget though, he can be an angel as well