14 Idols Who Have An Unmistakable Signature Look

Their style is instantly recognizable!

While every idol has gone through a lot of different looks throughout their careers, many idols and their stylists have perfected a look that is very unique to that particular idol. In fact, some looks are so iconic that it has become their signature style. While not all of these styles are still being rocked to this day, they’ve found their way into fans’ hearts and will always be an unmistakable part of the idol’s style.


1. CL’s winged out lids

While there have been a few sightings of CL without her iconic winged out lids over the years, it’s pretty rare. Her bold and eye-catching eye makeup has become such a big part of her style that it’s hard to remember a time when she didn’t go with this particular look!


2. BLACKPINK Lisa’s golden coiffure

Lisa may have tried out a lot of different hair colors since we all fell in love with her and while each of them looks amazing on her, BLINKs can’t help but think the golden tones she’s rocked a lot are the colors to beat.


3. BIGBANG G-Dragon’s ever-changing colors

G-Dragon has probably dyed his hair almost every color out there and has tried out a lot of different styles as well. In fact, fans used to wonder what would happen when he joined the military and couldn’t dye his hair!


4. Red Velvet’s “Happiness” era look

Although this particular style doesn’t belong to just one of the members of Red Velvet, it’s long been a favorite among fans. ReVeluvs have been hoping the colorful ombre style will make a reappearance at some point and would absolutely love seeing Yeri have the chance to rock it too.


5. GFRIEND Eunha’s short bob

Sometimes it’s hard to remember there ever was a time that Eunha didn’t have her signature short bob because it’s just so her, but when GFRIEND debuted she actually had long hair!


6. Lovelyz Kei’s banged ‘do

Speaking of idols it’s hard to imagine with any other hairdo, Kei‘s long locks and long wispy bangs are a key part of her style. Fans have said they’re not even sure if they would recognize her at first if she ever changed it!


7. EXO D.O.’s buzz cut

Although he originally went super short for an acting role, this look has always attracted a ton of attention. While EXO-Ls may not have always been total fans of the look, it’s grown on them and they have to admit its one of his most unforgettable styles!


8. NU’EST Ren’s iconic long locks

While Ren may have decided to chop off his glorious long locks for a shorter ‘do, this iconic style will always be associated with Ren because he looked so good. SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan, SHINee Taemin during “Lucifer” era, and Jang Moonbok have also rocked long hair and each of their looks is a favorite among fans.


9. ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s dark hair

Besides dabbling in a slightly lighter shade of brown and testing out an interesting shade of blue on My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, Cha Eunwoo has made his signature hair color a darker shade of brown.


10. Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon’s blonde hair

Hyoyeon‘s hair has been blonde since 2011 with the release of “The Boys” and while she did change things up in “I Got A Boy” era, she’s been rocking blonde for the most part. Some fans have even joked that SM Entertainment somehow altered her DNA so she’s permanently blonde now since her locks always look so healthy and glamorous.


11. f(x) Amber’s pixie style

Amber has always sported her classic short hairdo. While it has gone through varying degrees of length its never been incredibly long besides that time she surprised everyone with a super long haired wig on SNL! And while the wig did look good, there’s no denying that Amber’s shorter cut is even better and is just so Amber!


12. SHINee Key’s unmistakable eyebrows

After a potted plant fell on him and cut him, Key ended up with this eyebrow scar. Key once revealed he ultimately decided not to get surgery because he thought it looked cool and Shawols think it’s become a special part of his look.


13. MAMAMOO Hwasa’s dark lips and long nails

While she may not always be wearing such a bold lip color, there’s no denying that she pulls the look off well and that its one of her signatures!


14. Ong Seongwoo’s comma hair

Ong Seongwoo‘s swished over bangs have earned the cute nickname “comma hair” and fans can’t get enough of the look.


It’s such a big part of his look that he even gave a short tutorial for it on Zero Base!

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