15 Actually Underrated Active Boy Groups You Need On Your Playlist Right Now

Playlist getting a little stale? Spice it up with these talented boys!

Lately, the term “underrated” in the K-Pop world has been in a heated debate. Is a group underrated if they sell a certain amount of albums? If they have a certain amount of views? If they’re talked about a lot on Twitter? Well here’s the answer: almost every group is underrated in some way. Why? Everyone will have a different opinion on what “underrated” entails. Maybe someone thinks MONSTA X is underrated because no one around them personally talks about them. Maybe someone has to go all the way down to groups with a low amount of views like ZEST-Z to think they’re underrated.

Any way you think about it, there are thousands of “underrated” artists that make it almost impossible to talk about them all. But they all deserve love and attention! Today we’re going to showcase 15 active boy groups that are in the general definition of “underrated”, meaning they either have low views, low sales, low interactions, a low budget, etc. There are plenty more to discover, but we hope the gets you started on your journey.


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NOIR is a 9 member boy group from LUK Factory. They debuted in early 2018 with Seunghoon, Yeonkuk, Junyong, Yunsung, Siheon, Hoyeon, Siha, Minhyuk, and Daewon.

Their newest track “Lucifer” combines dark angelic themes with neon lights and a catchy, powerful chorus.


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ARGON is a 6 member group under MSH Entertainment. They debuted in early 2019 with KainHaneulRoelYeounGon, and Jaeun.

Their song “Give me dat” is a stong but melodic anthem with a vibe that commands your attention.


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TARGET debuted in the first month of 2018 under KJ Music Entertainment. The 7 members consist of SeulchanG.IZethHyunRoiBoun, and Woojin.

Their song “BABY COME BACK HOME” has a beautiful mix of tough, well-dressed stomps and a softer every-day look.

4. N.TIC

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Also known as New Trend ICon, the 4 members JionSangwookSeunghoo, and Jinseo debuted in 2018. They are under JJ Entertainment. Former member Dowon left due to a contract conflict.

“Fiction” is one of those songs that makes you want to get up and dance with them!



LUCENTE is a group of 7 boys from NOGA Entertainment. They debuted back in 2018 with HeroU.SeongBaoZ.HooKogun, Taejun, and Parkha. Much is up in the air with this group as their songs and MVs were taken down, allegedly because the company was shifting things around and would re-post them. The boys have also been doing other things such as joining the military, creating a Youtube channel, and creating two sub-units. They have not comeback since 2018 but have posted on their Twitter earlier this year.

Their debut song “YOUR DIFFERENCE” is an energetic piece with beautifully unique visuals and an addicting chorus.

Subunit song from 2020:

6. GreatGuys

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GreatGuys are a group of 9 “great guys”: Jae IHoryeongHaneulDaunDonghwiDonginHwalchanUiyeon, and Baekgyeol. They debuted back in 2017 with DNA Entertainment.

Their song “RUN” is a fun, high-powered beat while still occasionally giving that boyfriend vibe.

7. AlphaBAT

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AlphaBAT is currently a 5 member group under APB Entertainment. Believe it or not, but the boys had actually debuted all the way back in 2012 as a duo! They re-debuted in 2013 as a 9 member piece, but several of the members left over the years, leaving them with just B:eta, E:psilon, G:amma, K:appa, and L:ambda. Despite the three changes in companies and many changes in members, AlphaBAT remains strong with their unique Greek alphabet theme and multiple talents.

Their most recent song “Again” is a beautifully soothing piece worthy of a K-Drama soundtrack and a romantic walk on the beach.

8. Seven O’Clock

| Billboard KOREA

Also known simply as SOC or 7OC, this group debuted as 7 back in 2017. They were originally under Staro Entertainment but signed with Forest Network in 2018. They consist of HangyeomAndyHyun2SoulJeunggyuTaeyoung, and Rui. Both Jeonggyu and Hyun have been on hiatus since 2019 due to health issues.

Their song “Hey There” gives perfect summer vibes without even trying to. The visuals are stunning and the song gives the energy to want to go for a drive with the windows down.

9. IN2IT

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IN2IT is a 6 member group that was formed by the survival show Boys24. They debuted back in 2017 with MMO Entertainment but as of 2020 have gone independent. They consist of InpyoJiahnYeontaeInhoHyunuk, and Isaac.

“ULlala: Poisoning” is guaranteed to get stuck in your head with its almost tropical-like beat and rhythmic chorus. They also went viral for a short while with international fans with their funny but confident song “Sorry For My English”.

This year they were more active in Japan, however, they did release a sweet track promoting social distancing with Dreamcatcher and AleXa, check it out!

10. Newkidd

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Newkidd is a 7 member group under J-FLO Entertainment. The debuted in 2019 with JinkwonJi HansolChoi JiannYunminWoochulKang Seungchan, and Hwi.

Their song “COME” has a gorgeous dark Greco-roman concept with satin sheets, jewels, gold, and marble. With striking visuals, an impressive dance, and captivating sound, it’s a must-listen.

11. D-Crunch

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D-Crunch, also known as Diamond Crunch, is an 8 member group originally from All-S Company now under AI Grand Korea. They debuted in 2018 with O.VHyunwook, HyunhoHyunohMinhyukChanyoungDylan, Jeongseung, and Hyunwoo. Unfortunately, Hyunwoo left the group just a few days ago due to continuous back pain.

Their newest track “Across The Universe” is truly worthy of praise with its powerful beats and memorable sound. Our writers have been “yeah yeah-ing” all day!

12. ENOi

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ENOi, standing for “wE caN dO it”, debuted in early 2019 with Laon, Dojin, Hamin, Avin, Jinwoo, J-Kid, and Gun. They are currently under Kithewhale Entertainment.

Their most recent song “W.A.Y (Where Are You)” has gorgeous floral arrangements and a surprise electronic drop towards the end.

13. D1CE

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D1CE, pronounced D-ONCE, is a 5 member group created from the H Next Boys ProjectYonggeunHyunsooYoojunWoodam, and Jinyoung debuted in 2019 under D1CE Entertainment (a Happyface Entertainment subsidiary).

Their song “One Summer” is an adorable song that brings all of the vibes of Summer indoors for 2020.

14. Like A Movie (LAM)

Like a Movie, also known as LAM, is a 5 member group under Top Cloud Entertainment. The debuted in 2018 with DomoSiryuWoohyukMingyu, and Joha. Also, their fandom name is POPCORN, how cute!

“너를 원해 I want you” is a brightly colored spectacle with sprinkles of the boys cutely doing everyday things and being silly with each other.

15. 1TEAM

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1TEAM is a group of 5 under Liveworks Company. They debuted in early 2019 with Rubin, BCJin WooJe Hyun, and Jung Hoon.

“ULLAELI KKOLLAELI” is not only just extremely fun to say, but the music video is just as crazy and fun. The term is actually the sound children make to mock people, such as when English children put their hands to their face and stick out their tongue or say “nanny nanny boo boo”. As such, the music is wild and so much fun, almost as if a kid smashed all the movies they’ve ever watched into one video.

What are your favorite “underrated” and “underappreciated” boy groups?