These 15 Photos of TWICE’s Tzuyu Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Remember to breathe!

She isn’t TWICE‘s official visual for nothing!

1. Tzuyu gazing at ONCEs during a concert

2. Tzuyu performing “Cheer Up”

3. Tzuyu showing off her flat stomach

4. Tzuyu dazzling even when it rains

5. Tzuyu being ready to dive into the ocean


6. Tzuyu and her Harry Potter glasses

7. Tzuyu descending from heaven like the angel she is


8. Tzuyu cheesing at the camera (look at her cute dimple!)

9. Tzuyu being a responsible student

10. Tzuyu showing off just the tiniest pout

11. Tzuyu rocking the classing white shirt and blue jean combo

12. Tzuyu literally just fixing her hair

13. Tzuyu’s hair dancing

14. Tzuyu rocking a suit and tie

15. Tzuyu giving everybody a finger heart!

Did you fall in love?


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