These 15 Pics Taken By SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Prove He Truly Has a Photographer’s Eye

He could easily be a professional photographer.

Everyone knows SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu has endless talent as an idol, but what’s really amazing is how his creative skills extend to other arts too—like photography. One of the group’s most avid photography buffs, there’s no doubt that Mingyu could be a professional if he wanted to. Take a look at 15 photos he took that prove he really has the eye for this.

1. This angle

2. This warmth

3. This vintage feel

4. This shadow

5. This technique

6. This composition

7. This focus

8. This atmosphere

9. This perfect moment

10. These colors

11. This landscape

12. This contrast

13. This evocation

14. This picture of a picture

15. This everyday scene made beautiful